Replacing a spa pack and topside control involves turning the power off to the spa and switching the breaker off. Then by identifying the existing spa pack and control, those items can be unplugged from the spa components such as pumps, blower, ozonator, light and other hot tub components.

Spa Controller Packs

One of the newest and best spa pack replacement types is the Waterway Spa Pack. The Hot Tub Superstore carries most major brand spa controller packs and topside controls including Waterway, Gecko, CTI as well as older type spa packs with free shipping anywhere in Canada on our deeply discounted pack prices.

How to Order Spa Packs

When ordering a replacement spa pack, the available voltage and the line frequency of the country must be considered. Also the plumbing size at the heater unions will determine the size of the heater unions. (usually 1 1/2 inch or 2 inch plumbing). The component connectors may be an issue if they are different, so proper wiring with the correct connectors may also need to be ordered to assure easy hookup of pumps, blower and other components.

Labelling the components makes for an easier installation of the new pack. Some things to be concerned with when switching out a spa pack is compatibility of the voltage and component plugs. Some older style spa packs had components connected to the exterior of the spa pack with either AMP plugs or MOLEX connectors. Newer spa packs have the connections straight to the circuit board, eliminating redundant wiring and connectors.

If the existing topside control is being kept, it must be assured that it is compatible with the new spa pack.

New Energy Saving Spa Electronics

Replacing an entire spa pack can save energy as newer systems allow for precise programming of filter times. Some regions of the U.S. and Canada are on graduated electricity so that power becomes cheaper at night and early in the morning. Setting filter cycle and heating times to these off-hour times can result in significant electricity savings.

New spa packs have at least 2 filter cycles so they can be set approximately 12 hours apart for a minimum of 2-3 hours during each cycle depending on spa use.

The actual replacement of the spa pack involves hooking up the components back to their respective places on the circuit board or pack, hooking up the main power wire and assuring the spa pack is grounded to the main ground wire. Pumps and other components with ground wires are also grounded to the spa pack for safety.

A GFCI should be working and tested after the installation of the new spa pack is complete following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Topside Controls

The Hot Tub Superstore stocks most major brand topside controls including Balboa, Gecko, Waterway, CTI and Newport. Replacing a topside control with a same-sized control usually involves pulling out the old topside control and removing the old gasket that sticks the control to the spa.

In some cases, manufacturers have also added a screw so that the controls do not just pull out, so caution is advised. If the new topside is a different shape, then the spa acrylic may have to be cut to allow for the new control.

If the spa pack is a different size or has a different plumbing configuration than the existing pack, then plumbing may also need to be moved to accommodate the new pack size. Assure that the heater o-rings are present on both sides of the spa pack unions before tightening to the plumbing.

Working on spa electronics and components should be left to qualified personnel as there is a shock hazard as well as risk of damage to components.

See our complete spa controller pack selection or contact us with any questions.