March 6, 2019

Common Hot Tub Problems & Their Solutions

Blocked Filter Type VI Filter for Lay Z Spas Over time, body oils and other residue may cause blockages to occur in the filter. Usually, when a blockage occurs you’ll see an error code on the display that may read something like FLO. This indicates that water is unable to get through the...
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, , March 6, 2019

Hot Tub Pump Wet End Rotation

How to rotate a hot tub pump wet end to either the 9 o'clock, 12 o'clock or 3 o'clock position. See this helpful video on how to rotate a hot tub wet end and call us with any questions. Be sure to replace the gasket correctly to insure a good...
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, March 6, 2019

Hot Tub Cartridge Filters

Hot tub cartridge filters should be cleaned regularly and changed annually to keep your hot tub in top shape. Neglected cartridge filters can cause water chemistry issues which can damage pump seals, o-rings and other equipment in the spa. Avoid costly repair bills and maintain your hot tub by getting...
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