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Yes, you can find the water pre-filter here.

Most of the information for replacing a spa pump can be found on the existing pump label.

You will need to know the frame size (48 frame or 56 frame), voltage (120v or 230v), plumbing size (usually 2 inch, but sometimes 1 1/2 inch or 2 1/2 inch or even 3 inch), HP or horsepower. This information can be found on the broken pump’s label.

A pump can be exchanged with the same brand and type, or different brand as long as the specifications are the same. Call us if you need assistance with finding the right replacement pump. Some of our Master Spa Pumps are compatible with Waterway, Aquaflo and other brand name hot tub pumps, but we also carry the brands.

To find out your spa’s plumbing size, you can measure the outer diameter of the threaded pipe on the pump wet end and use the chart below.

Finding out the frame size is just a matter of checking the distance between the through bolts from the motor side of the pump. The 4 through bolts are long and connect the dry end (motor) to the wet end of the pump. Don’t remove them, but just measure between any 2 adjacent bolts. If the distance is under 4 inches, then it is a 48 frame pump, if the distance is over 4 inches it is a 56 frame pump.

Most of the information including frame size, pump voltage and horsepower can simply be read from the sticker/label on the existing pump motor. This will speed up the time necessary to gather your pump’s details so you can find a suitable replacement. Make sure the plumbing size is the same so the connectors on both ends of the pump will match up to your existing plumbing.

Side Discharge vs. Center Discharge
There are center discharge pumps and side discharge pumps. The side discharge pump wet ends can be rotated by 90 degrees to line up with your particular plumbing configuration. Whenever you have any questions contact us by email or phone and we will help you source the correct pump.

Save by viewing our list of pump products or call The Hot Tub Superstore customer service to buy a replacement spa pump or motor. Complete your spa repair by replacing the correct equipment with helpful information from TheHotTubSuperstore.com. Be sure to order the correct size pump by first determining if your pump is a 48 frame or 56 frame size pump. The union connections on both sides of the pump will match up to your plumbing threads if you measure the diameter of your plumbing connections.

The Hot Tub Superstore stocks most popular hot tub pump brands from Jacuzzi replacement pumps, Sundance spa pump replacements to Arctic Spas, Beachcomber hot tubs and other manufacturer brand spas.

1 Speed, 2 Speed or Circulation Pump?
Determine whether your pump is 1 speed or 2 speed and if the operating voltage is 115v or 230 volts. You should also replace the pump with a similar type horsepower rating. This is usually found on the pump label.

The cost of a replacement pump can vary widely depending on where you source the pump. The Hot Tub Superstore website and online store allows you to select the right pump for the job and also offers alternative or generic discount spa pump brands as well as discounts on name brand pumps.

When replacing the hot tub pump, don’t forget to either reinsert the o-rings in each of the 2 pump connection unions, or use 2 new o-rings. These prevent the pump from leaking at the unions. Spa pumps can be installed in an in-ground application or in a portable spa.

You won’t need to pay for expensive postage because shipping is free on most spa pumps at Canada’s TheHotTubSuperstore.com.

If you need tips or help on solving additional problems, call our help desk for immediate assistance in determining what spa pump will work for your particular hot tub model.

Mounting the spa pump is usually accomplished with hot tub mounting screws or bolts that either bolt to a hot tub mount, pedestal or directly to the hot tub floor. Mounting a hot tub pump on a mounting plate that is designed to minimize vibration can help reduce pump noise if you are having issues with a loud or vibrating pump.

It is important to match the old pumps specifications so that the replacement will go smoothly. Note that most pump wet ends can be rotated in 90 degree increments to line up with your particular pump mounting requirements. Once it is determined that the pump is bad, you will want a quick replacement. Our commercial warehouse has a huge stock of pumps ready for immediate shipment. We also inform you by email once your pump has actually shipped, usually within 24 hours of receiving your order.

Popular spa circulation pumps include Laing and Grundfos circ pumps. These circ pumps quietly operate 24 hours a day keeping spa water circulated. The circulation pumps suction connection usually comes from the skimmer where it pulls water through the filtration system.

Aqua Flo Flomaster pumps are a popular pump brand as are Waterway spa pumps. Find the most popular spa pump brands in our 48 frame spa pumps or 56 frame spa pumps section. When sourcing a replacement pump, note the difference between the hot tub brand (for example Beachcomber Spas), the pump brand (for example Waterway or Aqua-Flo) and the pump motor brand (for example ao smith or magnetek). Since hot tub manufacturers do not manufacture their own pumps, you will find a replacement pump either by replacing the exact pump model and searching on the pump brand, or by replacing the pump with one that has similar specifications.

International Spa Pump Orders – 50hz vs. 60hz.
If you are in North America you will receive a 60hz pump. Just be sure to determine if the pump is 115-120 volts or if it operates at 220-230 volts. Note that even though a spa may operate at 230 volts does not necessarily mean that the pump is operating at 230 volts. The required operating voltage is specified on the pump label. If you are sourcing the pump for international use, you may require a 50hz pump instead of 60hz depending on the line frequency in your country. For the availability of 230v/50hz export pumps, please call our service desk.

Spa Pump Parts
If you just need pump parts instead of a complete pump, such as a volute, impeller or complete wet end, please browse our pump parts section. Get the power back on in your spa fast by relying on Canada’s The Hot Tub Superstore with years of experience solving hot tub problems and providing spa parts across Canada.

We are happy to assist you with figuring out which hot tub jet you need to replace. In order to help, we ask that you send us photos of your hot tub jet similar to the photos below so that we can determine the type of jet you have and recommend which replacement jet to order.

First photo – with ruler to show size

Second photo – with jet facing down to show model number

Third photo – entire jet / angled

Please email us at sales@thehottubsuperstore.com with your jet photos, and our sales team will be happy to recommend the correct replacement jet.

We stock filters for most spa types. Contact us with questions or see our Master Deluxe filter line.

The Hot Tub Superstore ships thousands of spa parts including pumps and pump parts, filters, plumbing parts and jets, hot tub accessories, cover lifters, spa packs and controllers. Whatever you need for your hot tub, we can ship it or help you find it. Whenever you need hot tub parts in Canada, browse our site, enter the item you need in our search box or contact us for additional assistance.