Hot tub accessories can make the perfect gift for the holidays for the spa owner on your list. Many times those that own hot tubs are too busy or not aware of all of the hot tub accessory options that can make spa ownership more enjoyable.

Spa fragrances Hot tub spa accessories that can be ordered online and that make perfect gifts include spa fragrances in either liquid or crystal hot tub scents. The liquid spa scents come in medium and large plastic bottles or small pillow pouches. Hot tub spa fragrances can be added to hot tub water without creating any foam as they are oil- and foam-free and made especially for hot tub use.

Whereas a hot tub cover requires knowing the exact measurements of the spa, a hot tub cover lifter makes a great gift since they fit most any size of spa up to a certain size. With cover lifters, there are the type that open the cover and keep it half-folded standing along one of the edges of the spa, and the other type allows the cover to be folded down standing near the ground next to the spa. The type that opens all the way and goes down next to the spa usually has two bars that require about 18 inches clearance on both sides of the spa, plus clearance on the side where the cover is actually stored to accommodate the cover.

Spa steps are a great accessory for those that have trouble getting into the spa and have not yet purchased a set of steps. This is not only useful to have, but a safety necessity.

A spa vac such as the Spa Quick Vac can help get sand, dirt and debris out of the floor and from the seats of the hot tub that can accumulate as slightly sandy feet get in and out of the spa. This particular ingenious device actually does not require hookup to the spa filter system, but has siphoning action by using a suction tube system where you pump manually up and down to create the needed suction and the debris is then drained by the attached hose straight out of the spa. No moving parts on the Quick Vac spa vacuum, so it is completely self-contained and makes a perfect gift that requires no installation.

The heavier debris usually is not churned up to land in the filter and requires a spa vac to get out. There are also spa vacs available that attach directly to the existing spa filter system and allow the filtration system to do the heavy lifting while channelling the debris to the filter from where it can be washed out.

For spas that require more shelf space for refreshments, the spa caddy by Leisure Concepts ads an all-in-one storage solution that attaches to the spa skirt.

Give the gift of relaxation through aromatherapy, useful maintenance spa accessories or mind,body and spirit enhancing hot tub accessories.

A six pack or twelve pack of hot tub spa fragrances makes the perfect holiday gift for the hot tub owner. The liquid spa scents can be added right to the spa water. A cap full is enough for an entire session of aromatherapy or of enhancing the senses during relaxation.

Accessory Fragrances also come in crystals instead of liquids and they are also optimal for hot water use without clogging the filter or leaving any residue.

Spa fragrance packs come in a variety of scents. Check your online Hot Tub Spa Accessories distributor such as Canada’s for available six-packs and twelve-packs of spa scents and give the gift of relaxation to that hot tub owner on your holiday list.

Give the gift of holiday hot tub accessories this season and know you are providing a useful item that will be appreciated instead of rendered as a decoration or even seasonal decoration. So scrap the necktie and give the gift of aromatherapy.

Another popular holiday gift for spa owners is a set of spa steps or a cover lifter. Spa filters are also very useful and appreciated as they usually have to be purchased every year.

When ordering specific items like hot tub covers, hot tub filters and cover lifters, it is important to get additional information before ordering to avoid getting the wrong part.

More than the spa manufacturer or spa model name, the actual part needs to be identified. Whereas a set of hot tub steps will fit most any hot tub application, some of the other accessories such as a hot tub cover needs to have exact measurements accompanying any order.

Spa filters can either be measured by measuring the length, width and diameter of the inner hole and outer diameter, or a reference number of the type of filter may be indicated on the plastic end cap of the old hot tub filter.

Other hot tub accessories include a spa umbrella for keeping tubbers in the shade as needed, or a spa safety rail that allows for safe entry and exiting of the spa. One such spa rail is the Smart Rail by Leisure Concepts and available through Canada’s

For the spa owner who already has everything, there are floating rubber ducks, floating playing cards, floating radio and even a floating snack tray. Other types of snack trays and beverage holders mount to the spa cabinet and swivel in as needed.

So enjoy this holiday gift giving season and be creative with the gift of a hot tub spa accessory this year.