Life can be very overwhelming and can make it difficult for you to find time to spend on yourself; between working a job, pursuing post-secondary education or taking care of your children, you deserve a break now and then. Did you know that a hot tub is a wonderful relaxation tool that can provide you with physical and mental relaxation? Here are five beneficial ways that a hot tub can help improve your overall well-being.

Gives You A Chance to Make Time for You

Keeping busy with family life, work life and a social life can make it difficult to find spare time to spend on ourselves, which can begin to drain you physically and emotionally. Self-care is just as important as caring for other people in our lives. Self-care is looking after yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally so that you can become the best possible version of yourself. The busier life becomes, the less likely you are to find time to take annual or biannual vacations. Hot tubs can help ease that pain.

Hot tubs make it easier than ever before to reach maximum relaxation by simply walking into your backyard. After you’ve put the kids to bed or finished a long day at work, hopping into your hot tub provides you with an opportunity to disconnect from the online world entirely. There is no need for cell phones or laptops; it’s just you, the comfortably heated water, and jacuzzi jets. Shut off your mind, close your eyes, and feel the tension escape your body.

Great Tool for Hydrotherapy

Emotional and physical health work together, and usually, when one is negatively impacted, it’s hard to feel good about the other. Depending on your everyday life, you may put your body through a more physical toll than an emotional one. All parents know that raising children is a full-time job on its own and coupled with a full-time or part-time job that requires physical exertion (construction, factory worker, fast food employee, etc.), you may be draining all your energy. Even if your job is less physical and more mental (sitting at a computer for 8+ hours per day, taxi driving, etc.) you can exhaust your body with a tired mind.

Spa water acts as a treatment for tired bodies and relaxes your muscles, and it helps deter pain and stress. Your hot tub will help remove the gravitational stress that is placed on your joints and allow the hot water to soothe your body’s muscles. Your body will feel much lighter and relaxed upon leaving the hot tub than it did when you first entered.

Sleep Will Be Greatly Improved

Ensuring that you get a proper amount of sleep each night plays a significant role in whether you wake up with a positive or negative mood. The older we get and the more responsibilities that we undertake in our lives, the more time we will spend labouring over the events of the past day and mentally planning for tomorrow. The phrase “don’t bring your work home with you” highlights the importance of turning off that part of your brain when you get home, so you can focus on things that matter like family, rest & relaxation. Unfortunately, work and other important duties become so ingrained in our thoughts that they can begin to affect our everyday lives, including our sleeping cycles.

Soaking in a hot tub before you plan on going to sleep is a magnificent way to relax your body and train it to turn off for the night. When you enter your hot tub, your body’s temperature will rise which will induce feelings of drowsiness. A hot tub will help reach a point where you can fall asleep naturally without overthinking things or tossing & turning.

Helps Defeat Those Winter Blues

Winter can be an emotionally trying time for anyone. It can discourage you from waking up from your warm bed to go to work or deter you from making plans to go out with friends. The negative temperatures and weather conditions can affect your mental health more than you may realize. When we are not operating on Daylight Saving Time (DST) we receive less sunlight per day, and on days where snow or rainclouds cover most of the sky, we can go days without taking necessary sunlight which directly affects serotonin levels in our brains.

Hot tubs and winter were made for each other. Understandably, you may use your hot tub less during the dog days of Summer, which makes it a perfect pairing for Winter use. When you begin to feel overwhelmed or anxious due to the cold weather, use your hot tub as a chance to wind down and calm your body and mind. Focus on the temperature of the water, the pressure of the jacuzzi jets and focus on the moment. It is especially comforting to sit in your new hot tub when snow is falling, and you have comfortably emerged in your jacuzzi.

A Wonderful Social Tool

A hot tub presents a wonderful opportunity for you to bond and reconnect with old friends. Not everyone has the time, money or space to purchase their very own hot tub, which will undoubtedly make yours a popular social hotspot. Catch up with friends, reminisce about old times and create new memories over a good soak.

If you have children, a hot tub is also an excellent device for you to connect with your kids and pick their brains about the ongoing moments in their lives (school, friendships, hobbies, etc.) Regardless of who you invite into your new tub, it is a great socializing experience.

Your hot tub will help you find a sense of relaxation right in your backyard. You will finally have time to spend on yourself, enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy, help improve your sleep, defeat feelings of winter stress, and own a socializing device that family and friends alike will enjoy!