Swirl Away Hot Tub Pipe Cleaner – 16 oz.




The original Swirl Away hot tub and whirlpool pipe cleaner

Gets rid of accumulated dirt, oils and other build-up in the plumbing lines, hoses and pipes of your hot tub spa or whirlpool tub.  Use this product right before draining to reinvigorate hot tub pipes.

Swirl Away comes in a 16 ounce bottle (475 ml) and is compatible with bromine, chlorine and Waters Choice enzyme treatment and dissolves body oils and plumbing buildup. Also can help eliminate micro-debris that can clog jets and cause poor jet performance.  One bottle is good for 2 or 3 uses depending on hot tub size.  Use every time you refill your hot tub for optimum performance.

Gets rid of contaminants, oils and buildup in the unseen plumbing lines

It is recommended to change hot tub water every 3 months or so and at that time, to add the pipe cleaning step using Swirl Away.


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