Fix A Leak for Spas and Hot Tubs

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Fix a Leak for spas and hot tubs can quickly and easily fix spa leaks caused by holes up to 1/8″ in diameter!  

“Under the same leak conditions, Fix a Leak will outperform the rest”.  The material in this bottle will form a permanent seal and can be used to easily solve minor hot tub leaks.

Use according to manufacturers directions.  Add Fix A Leak through the skimmer or in front of any one of the suction intakes. Note that Fix a Leak is a heavier material that will sink to the lowest point in the spa and so must be recirculated when applying until the leak has stopped. It is suggested to circulate the water every 4-6 hours so the material goes back into suspension in the water.  After leak has stopped, it is recommended to allow 1-2 days for curing before resuming normal filtration.

Note that when removing your cartridge filter, it should be cleaned and washed right away before allowing it to dry.

It is also best to change the water after a few days once you are sure the leak is fixed.  There is no easier solution to hot tub leak repair than adding a bottle of Fix a Leak to the water and allowing it to repair the leak(s).  A second bottle may be added for somewhat larger leaks.

For stubborn leaks in foam insulated type  spas, once the leak has stopped it is recommended to drain the tub, wipe down the spa acrylic with a wet cloth (no soap and nothing abrasive that may damage the spa shell), and then allow 4-5 days for Fix A Leak to cure before refilling.

Be sure to remove the cartridge filter prior to adding Fix a Leak.


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