Power Storm Roto Jet 5 Point Scallop White

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Power Storm Roto Jet 5 Point Scallop in white.

5.0″ dia. face spa jet insert.  These jets fit Storm Series jet bodies by Waterway.

Note that in July 2011, Waterway changed all of the Roto and Twin Roto storm jets nozzes to a fixed spin orientation and the nozzles rotate on a pin instead of bearings.  These are referred to as the Poly Storm II and the Power Storm II.

Part WW212-7600 by Waterway with shipment within Canada. Contact us for international shipping costs.

Jet insert style:  Snap-in style Storm Jet Internal

Please note: We can also offer the thread-in style power storm jet internal as a special order item if you need the newer thread-in style instead of this snap-in style jet insert.  Please contact The Hot Tub Superstore to request the newer thread-in style Waterway Storm Jet internal for this jet model.  Instead of the part number beginning with WW212 as is the case for this snap-in type listed here, the thread-in style will have a part number beginning with WW229.

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