Spa Quick Drain and Vac No Pump Required



Spa QuickDrain allows for easy draining of hot tubs without waiting 3 hours for the gravity drains that typically are installed in hot tubs. 

quick drain hot tub vacuumDrain an entire spa in about 1/2 hour. No electricity required.  Even removes heavy debris like gravel or broken glass.  Self-priming and vacuums as it drains.

Hot tub owners usually have to drain their spas every 3 months or so.  This can be very time consuming and frustrating, especially during one of our colder Canadian winters.  A gravity drain on a spa can take up to 3 hours to drain and there is still debris left behind in the seats and in the footwell.

Some use buckets and towels, but unless you get credit for a “polar dip” in January, this is not the best way to change the water in your spa. Some may use a submersible pump, but it does not get all the water out and you still have the remaining debris and water in the seats.  You still have to “crawl in and towel”.

The QuickDrain is as fast of a pump as it is a spa vac.  This item vacuums as it drains – 2 in 1 duty.

It only takes about 1/2 hour and you know the spa is clean and empty when you are done.  It is about as fast as a submersible pump, but you have the added benefit of not needing to get in and towel it out because you can move the wand around as you vacuum your spa clean.

This draining device for hot tubs drains about 10-12 gallons of water perminute.  So if you have a 400 gallon spa, it would take just 30 minutes to completely drain and vacuum.

This unit uses no electricity, so it is easy to use and safe.  You can also use it to drain the pool cover if needed, or any other standing water.  Note that QuickDrain does not drain inground bodies of water, only above ground spas.

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