50sqft. Spa Filter Master Deluxe 4-PACK M50501 5CH-502 FC-0195


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4 pack of 50 sq. ft. hot tub filters M50501.  Save by buying hot tub filters in bulk.

  • Diameter: 5 3/16″
  • Length: 12 1/2″
  • Top:  handle
  • Bottom:  2″ mpt (fine threaded male connector)

This Master Deluxe M50501 hot tub filter replaces Pleatco 5CH-502, Filbur FC-0195 and Unicel PPM50SC-F2M spa filters.

Also Available in Single Filter

Most spa manufacturers recommend replacing the hot tub filter every year.  Having a second filter on hand is also great during water changes or when the filter is being cleaned overnight in a filter bath solution.  It is also nice to have if one filter is dirty and there is not time to clean it at the moment, so the fresh filter can continue performing water maintenance duty until there is time to clean the other one.

We all know how fast a year can roll around, so why not get the 4-pack and not have to worry about sourcing spa filters again for awhile.

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