100sqft. Spa Filters 4-Pack Master Deluxe M51002 C-5396 FC-2975 PCST80

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4-pack of spa filter cartridges replace C-5396, FC-2975 and PCST80  compatible filters

used in Coast Spas and other hot tub models.  FREE Shipping on this 4-pack anywhere in Canada.

  • 100 sq. ft. filter with quality brand filter fabric
  • Length:  21 3/8″
  • Diameter (outer width): 5 3/8″
  • Top and Bottom Center Hole Diameter (inner diameter): 2 1/8″

Replaces your Coast Spas Helios and other hot tub model filters.

Available in singles HERE

Save by buying filters in bulk and get free shipping too.  This model also replaces Waterway 817-0098 and provides efficient spa water filtration for clear hot tub water and longer filter life.  Replace every year to 1 1/2 years depending on spa use.

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Weight 3.00 lbs


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